Portugal Laser SB20 National Championship

Portugal Laser SB20 National Championship

10 Jun 2010

With the constant presence of the famous Cascais northern summer wind, well known as Nortada, over the four racing days, the competition was huge among the twenty boats that entered at the Portuguese National Championship.

In the four days, the competitors made eleven races among the two usual racing areas of Cascais. As usual the races were great, with several crews winning races and with the constant changes in leadership races.

Capital Moura Team, with Filipe Silva, Joaquim Moreira and Pedro Costa Alemão, from the Cascais fleet, began very well the races and won the first five, early leaving the remaining competitors behind. With this big advantage, Capital Moura Team managed the two last days of racing in a more conservative way, ensuring the title.

The second place was to Bettersoft / Bicasco Team, with Luis Santos, Rui Duarte and Pedro Vilela, from CVSado fleet and the 2007 National Champions.

Regarding third place, we had Quebramar Team, with Rui Brites, Gonçalo Esteves and Pedro Andrade, from Cascais fleet, which made a very good last day, by winning the last two races of the Championship.

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