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UK Membership


To race in SB20 Class Events at least one person on board must be a Class Member. In the case where someone has chartered or borrowed an SB20 for a “one-off” event and the boat owner is a Full Class member, there only need be an Associate Member on board. The SB20 UK Class is a not for profit organisation and all membership fees are ploughed back into the Class. If you are a paid up member of an overseas SB20 district there is no need to join the UK Class to race in the UK (however if you regularly sail in the UK and/or sail with a GBR sail number, we would expect you to join the UK class as opposed to another district).

Membership is annual and runs with the calendar year. It is our intention that each GBR SB20 that races has either a full membership, youth membership or fleet membership associated with it, although it is the individual who holds membership, not the boat (except in the case of fleet memberships).


Membership Type Fee Notes Voting Rights 
Full £125  Discounted to £100 if paid by the 31st January Yes
Associate (Charterer) £62.50 Intended for “one-off” charters/loans where the owner is already a full or youth member No
Associate (Co Owner) £25 For a co-owner where one owner is already a full member No
Family  Free If your parent is a full member and you are under 25 this allows you Free Associate Membership while you race your parent’s boat without him/her on board No
Youth  £25 Same rights as a full member but for an under 25, whose entire crew is also under 25 Yes
Club / Corporate Fleet  Varies For clubs, charter companies and schools that own multiple boats or have multiple users, Contact the secretary to discuss. Yes


If you would like to join the UK Class please email Phil Tilley at including your boat name and sail number.

SB20 UK Membership

SB20s racing at the UK Inland Championships 2019 (Rutland SC)

2020 UK CLASS MEMBERS (paid up)

Updated 19 August 2020

Boat Number Boat Name Member’s Name Type
3010 Sbeed Chris Charlton  Full
3010 Growler 3 Nick Verdino Full
3017 Reach Around Etienne Gauvain Full
3027 H2 Racing Oli Hill Youth
3038 Teenage Kicks Radley College 1 Fleet
3044 Gold Digger Simon Bottoms Full
3057 Baloo John Outhwaite Full
3082 Sharc Charlie Sheppard Full
3085 Mojo David Matthews Full
3086   James Neilson Full
3089 Blue Jay John Reekie Full
3094 Xceptable Ian Livesley Full
3095 Mutts Nuts Mark Brammer Full
3096 Red Kite Roger Harford Full
3106 Whyaduck Tom Clay Full
3149 PBII Paul Hine Full
3164 Amica Lukas Kolff Full
3164 Amica Doug Innes Associate
3177 Dark & Stormy Andrew Bell Full
3204 3 Fat Lads Adam Brushett Full
3267 Heart of Gold Tom Hayhoe Full
3276 Trouble & Strife Radley College 2 Fleet
3312 Bom-Chica-Wah-Wah Kath Simpson Full
3316 L.O.S Joe Hemmant Full
3276 Trouble & Strife Radley College 2 Fleet
3336 Scutcheon Nick Heather Full
3368 6A Vision Homes Peter Noe Full
3462 Harry Stuart Harris Full
3473 Slartibartfast Paul Methven Full
3510 Sportsboat World Simon Russell Full
3510 Sportsboat World James Howells Associate
3510 Sportsboat World Tom McWilliam Associate
3531 Carnage Robin Kirby Full
3556 Herbie Phil Tilley Full
3584 Boomerang Richard Farrington Full
3584 Boomerang Lizzie Farrington Family
3720 Uber Adrian Peach Full
3728 Marvel Richard Powell Full
3732 Doris Reloaded Phil Rumbelow Full
3754 Excellent John Pollard Full
3758 Breaking Bod Richard McAdam Full
3807 Sail Navy RNSA Fleet