Thursday 31st August 2017Competitors got four races today in what turned out to be a windier day than predicted. It was pretty shifty with the breeze varying between 6-25 knots in conjunction with strong tides, making this yet another tricky day of sailing here at the SB20 World Championships. With conditions making it hard to be consistent it was a tough day for tacticians with no rest from the changeable weather. With a full day of racing now behind us a lot of the top teams are carrying big scores ahead of the final day tomorrow.Now we’ve got one more day to go tomorrow with the potential for an additional three races. A lot of boats will hope they used their discard up today as there is only one in this final series. Tomorrow competitors will compete in the final few races before the new World Champion is

For all the highlights from race day 4 here at the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes, check out our daily video below as well as a short interview with Sportsboat World and White Formula!

The results currently stand as follows:

1. Export RooAustralia
2. Give Me Five!France
3. Xcellent Great Britain
4. Sin BinIreland
5. Sportsboatworld.comGreat Britain
6. MarvelGreat Britain
For a full list of results please visit our website here!Until tomorrow…
The SB20 Worlds Team!
#SB20Worlds2017                                                         (Amazing!) photos by Jennifer Burgis
SB20 World Championships Race day 4 highlights
Race day 4 highlights
Sportsboat World and White Formula chat SB20
Full spares support can be found at the marina throughout the event.
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