SB20 Europeans final days report

Day 3 forecast was for light or no wind, but the hopes for some breeze were still there. The RC departed in search of wind after a small delay, reporting shortly around mid-day: “Just 3 more knots needed, very flat out here, not sufficient to bring you out, but hoping”. After almost two hours of waiting, the AP was finally lowered at 1345. The Race Committee has sent the fleet to the water with the following comments: “Filling in slightly out here, but struggling to average 5 kts”. More waiting on the water followed, but the Gods of wind decided to give a day off to the sailors for them to enjoy shore entertainment, that included a delicious BBQ and a live concert of Fleetwood Mac right at the dock of the Club. A few SB20 teams were spotted on the dancefloor in their dancing shoes, however the most of the fleet stayed in preparing for the next day’s 4 races promised by PRO Jack Roy.



Bright and sparky’ Day 5 started with stable 15-20 knots breeze from the South gusting 25. It was the day for Michael O’Connor’s Sin Bin to claim the glory with 1, 7, 2 & 1 finishes flying over the bay in the waves being chased by the rest of the fleet. Also being greedy sometimes to hoist early, which cost them a few positions as they broached after upwind rounding in Race 7, second of the day. Their close rivals through the day were Xcellent, Melston and Broomsticks of Marty O’Leary and of course Porco Rosso, who finished all four races in Top 10. It was a day of elevated risk for breakages that followed quickly, so the media rib had to fulfil some safety duties not allowing to be there for every start and finish. A few teams were forced to abandon racing for good due to boat damage.



“We mostly played on the right handside of the course today, which seemed to pay fairly heavily,” – commented delighted Michael O’Connor after racing. – “With the exception of the last race where we played in the middle a little bit. We had a good speed upwind and good speed downwind all day. In addition to that some local knowledge always helps!”



The final day of the Championship played on the nerves of the exhausted teams. The results of four racing days brought the Australian team Porco Rosso to the leading position with 46 points overall. Closely after them were Sin Bin with 47 points and VIS after them with 10 points difference. Racing was under question though, as according to forecast the wind wouldn’t have entered till after lunch, which always puts the last day’s racing under a threat due to time limit. However Race Officer Jack Roy was confident that the breeze would enter and after waiting ashore the teams were sent to the water around 1330. It was about 5-6 knots at the start and in a slow motion pace the racing commenced. Boats slowly made their way into the course in silence. Porco Rosso’s task was to keep VIS away from finishing in top 10, but unfortunately for them it didn’t happen. VIS has finished 4th, Sin Bin and Porco Rosso 30th and 39th respectively, which became their second discarded result, putting them in 3rd and 2nd overall.



Fighting through the race for the lead with of Justin Burke was Kirill Frolov who in the end finished first, Justin second. In third it was James Gorman on Black followed by VIS in 4th, who only needed to make sure they didn’t finish lower than 19th to secure their 2nd discard would make them the 2018 European Champion!



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