Cascais SB20 Winter Series – Part 3 !

For the 3rd weekend of Cascais Winter Series in Portugal last weekend, attendance was amazing, with 21 boats,  – 16 from Portugal, 2 from Ukraine, 1 from Ireland, 1 from  Russia and 1 from Switzerland – ,  together with the exceptional participation of dolphins, joining the fleet during races. A great event in ideal conditions, with temperatures around 15°, good wind and bright sunshine.
Watch this magic encounter on Team Respect’s Facebook page: 
 The 3 first places were taken by Portuguese teams, closely followed by the 2 Ukrainian teams.
This great participation, shows that the Cascais fleet has become strong and dynamic, a promising sign for the coming years. If you don’t usually sail in winter because you think “it is just too cold out there!”, how about booking a flight and joining us in Cascais for the next Winter Series event on February, 18 and 19?
Congratulations to the winners:
1st Animal mobiag Vasco Serpa, Joaquim Moreira, Pedro Costa Alemão.
2nd Dom Pedro Hotels/Generali  José Paulo Ramada, Gonçalo Ribeiro, Mariana Freitas, Miguel Leal Faria.
3rd All Aboard Diogo Carola, Frederico Pinheiro de Melo, Gilberto Conde.
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