Cascais Grand Slam – 28th / 29th of November

Cascais Grand Slam , Portugal –28th and 29th of November


Great performance from Vis Sailing Team with Vadim Pushev, Timur Sabirzanov and Alexander Mikhailov that won the 2015 Cascais Grand Slam. Second place went to Black Magic with Edward Russo, Gilles Favannec and Mikael Mergui, and in third place was Animal/Mobiab Clever Mobility with Vasco Serpa, Joaquim Moreira and Pedro Costa Alemão.


Two excellent days of sailing with plenty of sunshine, performing a total of 6 regattas. The weather conditions were ideal, as Saturday saw a northerly wind of 15 knots, while on Sunday the wind had shifted to a south-easterly wind of 10 knots , with cross waves.

Cascais Grand Slam attracted a fleet of 23 SB20, with high-level competitors an12313978_913874648661772_3396556262653808638_nd constant changes of positions during the races, proving the fleet to be quite homogeneous.

The success of this event foreshadows very exciting 2016 World Championships, in less than a year from now, also hosted Clube Naval de Cascais.

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