Word from your UK Chairman

The last few months have been a frustrating period – but now, as you can see – we have a fantastic future ahead of us. To be truthful, all of us have found it difficult to proactively push forward with a racing programme in the context of such uncertainty over the building of new boats and manufacturer support. SB3 sailing has suffered.
In the background, over many months, Tony Castro, Jerry Hill, Alan Hillman and Mark Richards have effectively rescued our class and we should all give them a big round of applause. It is a huge achievement.

The SB20 and the exciting new branding, I am sure will create a wave of enthusiasm for what is after all, by a long way the best one design keel boat racing around.

What we need is a flow of new boats, increasing numbers and attracting new recruits. This will also release boats into the second hand market. To achieve this we need to balance the preservation of a strict one design ethos, with some equipment upgrades that make buying a new boat worthwhile. I believe the team have secured this and fully support the approach taken.

Add into the mix the cheaper sails, better build quality, more reliable after sales service and enhanced marketing and we have a great future.

Long live the SB20! Now lets go racing!

Chris Darling
UK Chairman

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