Summer or Winter Series this month in Cascais?

The 4th SB20 Cascais Winter Series gathered a record number of 35 boats representing 10 nationalities! “We can say that Cascais is running an European Championship every month during the winter” says Vasco Serpa from SailCascais, “Cascais Winter Series is attracting a lot of interest from European sailors and now foreigners are in majority! More than 50% of the teams are foreigners. This tells a lot about the quality of the racing here in Cascais at this time of the year and the quality of organisatisation done by Clube Naval de Cascais,” – he concluded.

Among the foreign teams participating the Russian contingent was the largest with 7 teams, followed by the Ukrainians with 3 crews. Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland are the other nationalities represented. The favourites for this weekend were MST of Vasily Grigoriev, from Moscow (Pirogovo), Russia, winner of the last two events and current leader of this year’s Winter Series; the team ITParfum, from Odessa, Ukraine of Anatoli Petrov with Boris Shvets back at the helm, #GameChanger of Julia Freespirit from Kiev, Ukraine and locals Animal/SailCascais of Vasco Serpa. An Easterly breeze on the light side between 6 to 12 knots with a swell of around 3 meters were on the forecast…

Saturday started lovely with a warm sunny day in Cascais with temperatures near 20c, that made everyone wonder if they were racing the Winter Series! Ukrainian team of ITParfume from Odessa with 470 Olympic sailor Boris Shvets at the helm finished the first day of the IV SB20 Cascais Winter Series at the top of the 35 boat table with a bullet and a 3rd place in the two races held day.

The Ukrainians mastered the light wind and big swell conditions with a solid boat speed and good tactical calls. Chasing the Ukrainians, Denis Solovev from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Portugues sailing siblings – Mafalda and Tomás Pires de Lima pulled out also two consistent results in the tricky conditions scoring a 5 and a 7. Local team Sargo of Goncalo Gonçalves with Olympic 49er sailor Jorge Lima helming close the top 3 with a 9 and a 4.

This was the day where consistency was key. The conditions played out very tricky with the wind dying for the 2nd race of the day with only seven boats finishing the race while 28 others decided to go to the harbour earlier or unable to make the time cut. After the races the fleet reconvened to the Clube Naval de Cascais club house for a great happy hour.

“Wash and Go” was the story of the 2nd and last day of the 4th Cascais SB20 Winter Series. No races! Results of Day 1 remained as final. Mother Nature ruled this time and left the fleet to enjoy the unusually hot day with beach and food options on offer in hospitable as ever Cascais.

One of the highlights of the event was not only the super friendly atmosphere and almost a teambuilding feel in the highly competitive fleet, but the participation of a 4-time SB20 Worlds winner, last time in Cowes, – Geoff Carveth on Team Respect/7 seas where he joned Frank Dobbels. Geoff shared how fun and exciting he finds SB20 boat and the Class and expressed great pleaure of sailing it even despite light breeze. “It’s great to see how the SB20 Class in Portugal is growing and I can not only but be happy for what SailCascais and SB20 Portugal guys are doing,” – said Geoff.

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Text: SailCascais
Photo: Luis Fráguas / Anna Zykova

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