South Coast Weighing Days

South Coast Weighing Days

With the new class rules published, many of you are now keen to know how to go about weighing your boats. Three weighing days have been scheduled in Hamble on the following dates:

Friday 2nd May – day prior to Cowes G.P.
Saturday 10th May – No SB3 racing
Sunday 11th May – No SB3 racing

The Royal Southern Yacht Club have extremely generously agreed to allow the class use of their crane for this exercise. The normal rate for anybody who wishes to use the crane for launching and recovering is £100.00 but we have negotiated this down to £20.00 for non-members and non-dry berth holders (cash to be paid on the day). If you do not have a dry berth at the Royal Southern Y.C. you will need to arrive at the Club by water – there is no provision for bringing your boat to the Club by road – sorry.

All boats must arrive at the Royal Southern Y.C. fully prepared for weighing (see attached document). Please leave all extra equipment (sails/kite bags etc etc) at your berthing location – please do not bring excess kit to the Royal Southern. Please strip your boat and dry it out below as best you can before departing for the Royal Southern. Please bring an old towel with you to dry off your boat prior to weighting.

If you need to add lead to your boat, to bring it inline with the rule, please not that lead will not be available on the weighing day and you will need to source this.

It is ESSENTIAL that all boats book a time slot for weighing on these dates. Weighing appointments are to be booked with Jerry Hill who has very kindly offered to co-ordinate these sessions. Please e-mail Jerry to book a slot – NOT ME! jerry.hill@btint If you have any queries regarding weighing, please contact Colin Simonds, UK Class Measurer,

Remember – you must have your boat weighed prior to the Nationals in June and the Worlds in September! Additional weighing days will be set up in due course, but please make every effort to attend on these dates if you possibly can.

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