Sail Laser Boat Handling Clinic 2009

Sail Laser Boat Handling Clinic 2009

Who is the clinic for: Improvers with aspirations, newcomers to the class or those who are not happy with their current boat handling standards.

Mark Rushall – GBR Coach and top SB3 Sailor
Geoff Carveth – SB3 World Champion and multiple dinghy champion

Saturday 21st March

9:00 am at Hamble River Sailing Club (boats in the water ready to go)

Some of questions we will aim to answer:
What are the techniques for a smooth roll tack?
How can I come out of the tack fast in a breeze and big chop?
How can I guarantee never to catch the tiller extension in the backstay?
Why do we trawl the spinnaker on the pressure hoists?
How do we avoid the broach after the hoist?
How do you gybe in light winds without losing speed and distance?
Why do we have to over sheet the kite out of the gybe to unfurl it?
What are the key processes for a fast safe gybe in strong winds?
We always spend the first part of the beat packing the kite: how can we speed up our drops?
We will hit the water as soon as possible, splitting into seeded groups and enable maximum focus on targeted exercises. We’ll rotate the groups so each sailor has the benefit of both coaches.
After sailing, we’ll regroup at Hamble River Sailing Club to debrief in one group, pooling and reinforcing what we have learned.

Finish time: 6:30 pm

Sunday 22nd March – Warsash Spring Series

Skippers briefing:
8:00 am at Hamble River Sailing Club

Focus on conditions, rig set up, priorities of the day. Sunday’s Warsash Spring Series racing will give you the opportunity to put new skills to the test under pressure. Mark Rushall will be afloat in a rib, to give instant feedback and advice. He’ll be armed with video, and will run a debrief session featuring the video after racing, back at Hamble River Sailing Club. The debrief will focus on boat handling, but will also be your opportunity to ask questions on all aspects of SB3 racing, and any specifics arising from the day’s racing.
Finish time: 5:00 pm

Only 15 spaces available!

Price: £270 per boat *
* This price does not include entry fees into the Spring Series and Mooring Fees (a RIB ferry service will operate to and from Warsash)

Reserve Now
SB3 Boat Handling Clinic – 21-22 March, 2009 call the SailLaser Team now at +44 (0)845 337 3214

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