New Website

New Website

If you can see this post (!!) you are looking at the upgraded version of the Laser SB3 website. It still looks the same, but we have added some new features and moved it over to a new system to make it wholly easier to work with. The Chat Page will remain the same, with some simple reorganization coming soon. Click read more to see what has changed…

As part of the upgrade you now have some new features to look out for:

  • You can now comment on articles, giving feedback and input into posts written by the Class Association team.
  • There are now Image Galleries where over time you will find the latest  images.
  • We’ll start to add video (when it is available) into updates, and to it’s own video page. If you have any video of a Laser SB3 let us know in the comments below…
  • The event calendar is now a proper calendar, with a mini-version on the side of every page. Hover your mouse over events to see more detail.

If you have any bugs or errors, do post them to this update as a comment.

Thanks – Dan (

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