Laser SB20m selected for Miami ORC Regatta

Laser SB20m selected for Miami ORC Regatta

The SB3 Match continues to build strong momentum marked by its selection for US SAILING’s 2009 Rolex Miami OCR and another match racing event featuring Dave Perry and Anna Tunnicliffe-Funk.

As November blew in, so did two great results for the SB3. Late last week, US SAILING selected the Laser SB3 as the approved equipment for US SAILING’s 2009 Rolex Miami OCR event. The regatta will feature 12 Laser SB3 boats and will be supported by LaserPerformance’s event team.

The selection for official equipment in US SAILING’s 2009 Rolex Miami OCR will continue to build on the success of the SB3 and will provide a wonderful showcase for the SB3 and the sport of match racing in general. “We are thrilled to have LaserPerformance involved in the event and we see the SB3 as a great boat to provide a tactical yet athletic platform for match racing,” said Gary Bodie, organizer of US SAILING’s Rolex Miami OCR. This year’s event is expected to see an increase in international participation, which could be attributed to the ISAF World Cup status granted to US SAILING’s Rolex Miami OCR for its 20th anniversary in 2009.

This past weekend also saw the likes of Dave Perry, Anna Tunnicliffe-Funk, Debbie Capozzi, Derby Anderson and Anthony Kotoun take to the waters for a weekend of match racing in Newport, RI on the SB3 Match. The results continued to highlight the versatility and strong performance of the boat in a variety of conditions.

Winds fluctuated between 8-18 knots throughout the weekend. With a crew of 450lbs (204.5kg) Dave Perry and Anthony Kotoun took turns at the helm. “We put it up on a tight reach and were never at risk of losing control. We did multiple run-to-run gybes and Chris got used to getting up on the foredeck and gybing the pole. Again the boats were fun to sail, easily maneuverable and controllable, and fast to accelerate…and especially downwind from a run to a reach when going on the attack. In summary…to me, the boat is lively, fun to sail, yet easily maneuverable – making it an excellent design for match racing.” said Dave Perry in a post weekend debrief with LaserPerformance.

Another great week for the SB3 highlights LaserPerformance’s commitment to growing the sport of match racing from both an equipment and event perspective.

LaserPerformance is the steward of some of sailing’s most recognized brands including Laser, Sunfish, 420, and Sailing World’s Boat of the Year – the Laser SB3. LaserPerformance products are actively sold and sailed in over 40 countries worldwide. The SB3 Match is a version of the SB3 achieved through the addition of a simple kit from LaserPerformance, the kit enables the SB3 to easily switch between standard and match race mode. For more information on the Laser SB3 and LaserPerformance please visit:

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