Inland Championships 2009

Inland Championships 2009


– A full programme of 9 races over 3 days (3/4/2 per day) – the first race starts at 1.05pm Good Friday to allow time for southerners to get there, and we should be off the water by 3pm on Sunday.

– You can arrive on Thursday if you wish – there will be a welcoming bar and (to be confirmed) food available both Thursday and Friday.

– Launching will be FREE as the club will have manned tractors to launch/recover for you.  Your trailers will be used for launching/recovery.

– The boat entry cost will be £60.00 (until 6th April, £15 additional thereafter)

– There will be a fleet dinner on Saturday night, with fun poker afterwards splendidly arranged by the Wet Nuts team.

– Be aware that the use of engines is not permitted on Rutland Water; Boats should carry the engine below, or carry weight to comply with mandatory Class rule C.5.1(6).

– SI’s, entry forms and meal booking forms will be available on the club website.

– The Clubhouse has accommodation that can be booked with the Club, or phone 01780720292 (not Tues/Wednesdays)

– For other info contact Richard Triffitt by PM (refer”triff”), email,  or phone 01536770311.

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