2010 UK Class Survey

2010 UK Class Survey

The members of the Laser SB3 UK Committee are elected to serve you, the sailors, and owners of the SB3 Class, but often we receive very little feedback or input from the broad Laser SB3 membership. We are “all ears open” and we would appreciate your support to deliver the best one design racing and event calendar possible.

We would appreciate it if you could spend five minutes completing this survey (we have made as much as possible tick boxes for speed of completion) to give the UK Committee the best opportunity of delivering exactly what you, the member, wants from your Class Association. 2010 has seen a dramatic drop in entries to events, we want to reverse this trend in 2011.

If you are receiving this survey and you are no longer an active Laser SB3 sailor or owner, please feel free to give us your feedback and use the comment box at the end of the survey to let us know your thoughts on the class, why you are no longer involved or if you’d like any assistance in returning to the class. All feedback is welcome!

We look forward to hearing from you, and taking the UK Laser SB3 Class Association in the direction that YOU want it to go in.
Please follow the link below to complete the Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WV8DRNQ
Thank you in advance,
Katie & The UK SB3 Committee

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