Strong Tides, Father and Son Racing, the Big Girls Blouse Award…

Strong Tides, Father and Son Racing, the Big Girls Blouse Award…

SB3’s in Singapore 25th April Yet another hot day with good breeze from the north, but a tad testing in direction at times. Seven boats took to the water to race over the usual short courses which demand a great start and slick handling at the marks and with a strong tide and biased committee boat starts were going to be either entertaining, if you were in the right, or extremely challenging, if you were in the wrong!

The first start led to an almighty squeeze and a lot of shouting UP UP UP at some cheeky chancers to some, brilliant tacticians to others !! Those that timed it right shot out like a cork out of a bottle and the rest stalled, crashed and burned. As the course was set mid channel, the tide with wind, split the fleet left and right, with right-siders prevailing at the windward mark. Up with the kite for some, half way up for others and then the fishing. Katana, Tara, Hullaballoo got it right and were 1, 2, 3 respectively. Glasgow Kiss coming up the rear after a keel wrap fish sandwich.

A big black evil cloud in south with serious lightening loomed and looked like enveloping the second race. Hullabaloo and Tara ran for cover, with the remaining 5 boats deciding to risk the looming storm. Second race went to form with Katana negotiating the wicked tide and reading the fluky shifts, with Su Me and Bandit not too far behind followed by Xoco starting to find her form.

A change of helm in Glasgow Kiss with father sent to the front of the boat in disgrace and son doing the needful at the back meant a change of fortune (Wallace Junior taking over from Wallace senior). With the tide strengthening and wind dropping all the fleet except for Bandit decided to reach in at speed, Bandit donned body armor and forced the ‘cowboys’ over leading to a general recall. The restart saw a clean getaway, with some flawless sailing from Katana leading to line honours, and some flawed sailing by Bandit, who managed to lead round the first mark and then got steadily slower. Xoco, getting the measure of the course and her competitors, finished second, and Glasgow Kiss with a grinning son at the helm giving dad ” that look” with a third.

With the looming black cloud not getting any nearer, Hullabaloo attempted to regain some credibility and rejoined the fleet. Last race was a single sausage dash, followed by a windward leg to the finish line at the lighthouse back at the marina again meant decisions about tide and which side to go for. The answer being a resounding right which Su Me did and was rewarded with win from Katana followed by Glasgow Kiss with the son at the back still grinning.

Ashore much discussion over the days racing was had – Wallace Junior on Glasgow Kiss, whilst jubilant by bettering his father’s results, managed to loose all good will by dropping the boom clevis pin into the jelly fish infested marina, the father and son team on Hullabaloo were seen discussing the differences between Optimist sailing and SB3 sailing, and Tara was no-where to be seen having taken the ‘Big Girls Blouse’ Award by running for cover at the slightest hint of rain.

Thanks to Prakash assisted by Sharon Chong for presiding over what must have been an amusing starting spectacle from a committee boat perspective. See you on the water next week.

Race Report By Wallace and edited by Chris.

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