Schools Out In Singapore! 5 Go Out To Play!

Schools Out In Singapore! 5 Go Out To Play!

The Singapore SB3 fleet held an impromptu days racing on Saturday 19th June as various member of the fleet will be away over the next few weeks as school holidays start to kick in across the various international schools.

A competitive fleet of 5 boats, were marshaled by Hulaballoo (Jamie and Ella) who volunteered to be race committee for the day. With a strong tide, a pleasant 12knots of wind and clear blue skies it was all set to be a fun day. As the start gun sounded, Bandit and Vitra were over, and returned to restart, as did the rest of the fleet , causing some initial mayhem. Once the race committee had realized the debacle the race was binned, and a new sequence started. This also allowed Su Me with John P and crew to make it to the start line- as a lack of attention had caused the boat not to be launched on Friday and an anxious wait for high water in order to make the racing on Saturday.

Once more the start was close, Chris and Claire on Bandit, having slowed to make the start, were slow off the line and immediately tacked to the right, which they then hit hard, with the rest of the fleet going inshore. With the tack to the mark, it was painfully clear that inshore paid, and paid well, with Vitra rounding in first place, followed by Dutchess (Bert-Jan and co.) , Su Me, Pyxis (Robin) and Bandit. With a race now to the finish, Vitra ( the Viking raiders)  romped away, only to not receive a gun as they were over at the start. This handed victory to Dutchess, under new ownership of Bert-Jan   with Su Me second and Bandit having sailed slightly higher managing to pass Pyxis in the final race for the line.

With a very short break between the finish and the next sequence, The race officer sent the fleet away again, with the wind reducing and the tide still flowing, it was a long beat, with Dutchess, Su Me and Bandit all choosing to go up the shore, Vitra and Pyxis banged the right hand side of the course. With very little speed difference between the three boats in-shore the call was when to strike out against the tide and go for the mark, Dutchess was the first to break, and judged the layline well, rounding in first place, Bandit went next, but missed a shift allowing Su Me to fetch across the tide to round in 2nd place. The run downwind was more tide driven than wind, at the leeward mark there was some confusion where the race officer had somehow indicated that it was to be 2 x round – needless to say not all the fleet managed to get the message and as they sailed down tide through the finishing line were very surprised to not get a gun, and to see other boats sailing upwind again. This gave the chance for Pyxis and Vitra to catch up, however in the end the positions stayed the same to the finish.

Overall final positions were Dutchess, Su Me, Bandit, Pyxis and Vitra.

Thanks must go to Jamie and Ella for running the racing. The evening saw a Dark & Stormy tasting where the merits of different rums, ginger beers and limes were tasted against each other. One participant was heard to say, “More people should join in as it is so healthy to drink so much fruit juice packed with vitamin C,” coupled with a screening of England Vs Australia (Rugby) and an impromptu football match.  In other fleet news, it was great to see Dutchess out, ( Bert-Jan chuffed in the knowledge that he knows his boat is fast), being guided by Wallace (Glasgow Kiss) imparting some of his knowledge of “sweary words”.  It was sad to see that Kip could not sail due to a nasty rash and a broken nail.

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