SB20 Girls set for Australia’s Audi Hamilton Island Race Week

SB20 Girls set for Australia’s Audi Hamilton Island Race Week

SB3 Hamilton Island, Australia – Sunshine Coast female skipper Lauren Calder will again test her one-design racing skill against a formidable fleet during the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week SB3 class championship next month.

Lauren and her all female crew have built a respectable reputation from the important experience gained from competing at the 2009 World championship in Portugal and the 2010 Audi Australian championship at Port Stephens in April.

Racing in a fleet dominated by physically stronger all male crews has become a career ‘benchmark’ for the Audi Girls who have made their presence felt with encouraging top of the fleet race results in major championships and were encouraged with their mid-fleet scorecard at the Australian championship.

They understand their racing role will generally always fall into playing ‘catch up’ but this has not affected their overwhelming enthusiasm which is evidenced in all of their races.

The strict class rules and clone nature of the SB3 provide all crews with an equal opportunity but the longer stronger and heavier hiking power of the male crews generally means the difference in results favouring the male crews in the stronger winds.

However both skipper Lauren Calder and her crew are not about to give up and treat every struggle in moderate to fresh winds as another step towards narrowing the gap.

Sailing the SB3 combines all aspects of sailing skill with the combination between helming, crew sail handling technique and race strategy making the difference between competing at the front of the fleet or faced with trying to maintain a competitive speed at the back of the fleet.

Racing in a one design class is demanding but it is rewarded with a high level of excitement and fellowship where the top crews freely offer their experience to improve the standard of fleet racing.

The Audi Girls racing team will again be exposed to another physically demanding challenge when face up against a very competitive fleet in the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week championship from August 21-28.

They have never raced at Hamilton Island before and understand it will be a different challenge particularly when they line up to contest the best position on the start line against class mentor and dual Audi Australian IRC champion Rod Jones and local Australian Sailboard champion Dennis Winstanley.

Winstanley is new to the class while Rod Jones is expected to be the pacesetter in what promises to become a highlight of the multi-class championship regatta.

Meanwhile Lauren Calder and the Mooloolaba based Oceanburo SB3 racing fleet will continue with the female program.

‘We are looking for female sailors who are dedicated to improving their skills all they need is to know the basics’.

‘The benefits and opportunities are endless with the exposure to compete at the 2012 World Championship in Geelong as a career goal’. Rod Jones said.

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