SB20 Form Guide Audi Victoria Sailing Week – Part 1

SB20 Form Guide Audi Victoria Sailing Week – Part 1

With the absence of last years Geelong SB3 winner from the 2010 event, picking the 2010 champion is difficult. The fleet has seen significant changes from last year with new sailors joining the class, crew changes and the announcement of the 2012 Worlds coming to Geelong.

SB3's Line Up for Audi Voctoria Race Week

SB3's Line Up for Audi Voctoria Race Week

Club Marine White:
Skipper Kai Timm Odds:3-1

If this event and trophy were won simply by good preparation and time in the boat we wouldn’t need to write a form guide as we would have a clear winner; Kai Timm sailing in Club Marine White. He has easily spent the most time in the boat and competed against the best in the world. Unfortunately for him they don’t but he is still regarded as one of the top three sailors to take out the title.

Skipper Andrew Crisp Odds 3-1

This might be his first regatta in the boat but given the fact that he is an ex I14 champion and Dragon superstar he is sure to find the transition easy. He has already made his intensions clear stating that he is travelling from Tasmania to win the event, enough said!

Oceanburo UK:
Skipper Jono Shelley Odds 3-1

Appearing for his second time at Geelong Jono Shelley has done it all in the SB3! He is a familiar face at the front of the UK SB3 fleet and he has brought with him a World class crew. He is regarded by the rest of the fleet as the person to beat.

Audi Sunshine Girls A5:
Skipper Lauren Calder Odds 5-1

These girls fly in the light stuff and if the big breezes don’t appear they will certainly be in the mix. They are coming to Geelong with more experience and sharper skills and are dark horses.

Windsurfers on Tour:
Skipper Tom Rosoman Odds 5-1

The Bridesmaid from 2009 is likely to have passed his best. With the arrival of a new son, zero preparation, and no sailing since Geelong 2009 the fleet are expecting him to come in mid fleet. We think this is a safe assumption considering he will be racing with windsurfers onboard.

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