SB20 Development Sails Trialed

A set of SB20 development sails were aired for the first time. Following consent from the class measurer to use the sails Jerry Hill sported the new look for the 175 regatta at the weekend. The sails are EXACT copies of the current sails apart from the extremely obvious and striking colour difference. The cloth merely has a black weave rather than the current white. The aim of this is to update the look of the boat whilst respecting the one design DNA of the class… it is not to improve performance in any way.

It should be noted that ANY proposed changes that are currently under trial will not be implemented in this world championship cycle.

There are also some minor detail changes on the sails, which should enhance the user experience. A micro adjustable top batten for example is proposed in order ¬to cut out the Velcro wrestling we currently experience.

We are also trialling a new tack slug….

and a velcro clew strap

We will keep you informed as the process develops.

Sportsboat World – 6th June 2012 


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