SB20 2014 World Championship – SAINT PETERSBURG

SB20 World Championship 2014 finished with the victory of the Russian team of Evgeny Neugodnikov. Racers from Yekaterinburg surpassed their nearest rivals by 7 points – the Spanish team with a skipper Hugo Rosha. Third place was taken by the young crew of Salomon Matthieu from France.

The Championship was held with weak winds that made everyone nervous in one moment: according the Notice, the Championship is valid only if 5 races are happened. This term was carried out yesterday – fifth race happened with the weak breeze, leaving half fleet out of time.

There was another race on Friday, which defined final standings. Hugo Rosha finished seventh, and lost chances in the fight for the Gold medal with Evgeny Neugodnikov, who finished third today and strengthened his leadership. Rodion Luka, the winner of Russian Open, happened a week ago, couldn’t keep the Champion’s tempo. The best result of the Ukrainian team was third place in one of races. Good chances had the team of helmsman Alexey Murashkin. But in yesterday race they were disqualified, and today they finished 15-th, and it move that crew to the 6-th place.

The Principal Race Officer Hans Piter Hylander comments results of the past Championship:

– The only one bad thing is the wind. It was too much waiting for it. Wind is very important for sailing competitions. Today we were a bit lucky when the wind came, and unlucky that the fog come with it as well, so it was a little bit hard to see marks and boats. But when you look at results you can see that top boats were good in every race; so I think we have the worthy winner and worthy medalists, and that’s the important thing. This is the first time I work with this class, so I don’t’ know who is good, and who isn’t, so it was a surprise that some of teams were so consistent, because there were difficult conditions, but they were consistent and didn’t left any chances to their rivals. Especially Russian team, that has won the Championship. I think it was organized very well, fantastic team on the water, good facilities on shore – the Race Office, the Jury – everything. It was a good championship, even though we had to wait the wind many days.

The President of the International SB20 Class Associations Edward Russo:

– Championship was very well run, very well organized, great hospitality, a lot of friendly people and a very good competition. The winner is surprising, no one expected guys from Yekaterinburg to come on top. At overall, it’s a very good event, congratulations to the Organizing Committee. The only one bad thing was a wind, it wasn’t pleasant for us. It is difficult to compare this Championship with previous. In England last year there were 108 participants, 2 different fleets. In Australia, on Hamilton island, there were 44 boats – so, all tournaments are different. But if to compare the hospitality, this Championship was the best.

Friday evening in Saint Petersburg Yacht-club there was the prize giving and closing ceremony of the SB20 World Championship. After that there were some speeches of official persons. Speakers were: the President of the National SB20 Class association Oleg Zherebtsov, the President of the International SB20 Class Association Edward Russo, the Vice-President of the Russian National Sailing Federation Sergey Alexeev, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of the Government of Saint Petersburg Alexandr Perelman and the Principal Race Officer of the Championship Hans Piter Hylander.

Then speakers of the ceremony the Director of the regatta Tatyana Kurbatova and the head of the Sailing Academy of the Saint Petersburg Yacht-club (a place, where regatta was handled) Natalia Fyodorova invited at the stage winners and prize-holders of the World Championship.

However, firstly there was a special nomination «For the will to win». Prizes were given to the team of Paralympics from a town of Korolyov near Moscow. Courageous yachtsmen participated on equal rights with others all the sportsmen at the ceremony welcome with ovation. Then there were four more nominations, winners and prize holders of them were gifted with medals and precious prizes. These nominations were: leaders of the general scoring, masters scoring, women and youth scoring.

We congratulate the winners:

Absolute scoring:
1. EVGENY Neugodnikov, SERGEY Musikhin, PAVEL Kuznetsov (Russia)
2. HUGO Rocha, FRANCISCO Palacio, ALEXEY Semenov (Spain)
3. SALOMON Matthieu, QUENTIN Delapierre, KEVIN Peponnet (France)

Women scoring:
1. SABINE Pebrier, EUGENIE Gosselin, QUENTIN Dalmasso, PHILIPPE Gosselin (France)
2. ALESIA Kasianova, MARIA Gurjeva, GAYANA Konovalova, EKATERINA Filkina (Russia)
3. IRINA Shantseva, ALEXANDER Utkin, FEDOR Kolushev, YANA Matskunas (Russia)

Youth scoring:
1. SALOMON Matthieu, QUENTIN Delapierre, KEVIN Peponnet (France)
2. ROBIN Follin, CAMILLE Rossi, YVANN Thelier, EMERIC Michel (France)
3. SABINE Pebrier, EUGENIE Gosselin, QUENTIN Dalmasso, PHILIPPE Gosselin (France)

Masters scoring:
1. ANTONELLO Ciabatti, VINCENZO Graciotti, IGOR Kapturovich (Italy)
2. VIACHESLAV Frolov, DMITRIY Knutarev, MAXIM Taranov (Russia)
3. MIKHAIL Senatorov, ALEXANDR Yanin, KONSTANTIN Emelianov (Russia)


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