Normandy Sailing Week 2011: Fri 10 – Mon 13 June

Normandy Sailing Week 2011: Fri 10 – Mon 13 June

Help accelerate the development of the SB3 in France with your participation at this major regatta in Normandy where the SB3 fleet is taking off (7 boats purchased in 2010).

Why should the English, Belgium and Dutch SB3 owners come to the Normandy Sailing Week (NSW) at Le Havre in June 2011:
– For the English sailors, it’s a short ferry ride from Portsmouth: 3h15 direct ferry ride from Portsmouth to Le Havre. 
– It’s a 5 minute drive from the Le Havre Ferry Terminal to the cranes for launching the boats, so if you add 25 minutes from Hamble to the ferry in Portsmouth, that’s a total of 30 minutes driving time!
– From Oostende, Le Havre is about a 3h30 drive (367 km of which 354 km highways).  For the Dutch, they have to add 2 hours from Medemblik to the Oostende time.
– France is a considerably important link in the development of the SB3 in Europe as it sits at the crossroads of Northern Europe with Southern Europe
– The success of the development in France will happen if there is a success in Normandy
– John Outhwaite’s experience at the Normandy Sailing Week in 2010 was favourable (please check with John directly) – Registration includes 3 soirées organised by the sailing clubs and the organiser
– As well as a dinner for all the crews and an evening with music and entertainment

– The organiser of the NSW regatta can offer us the flexibility to race over a 4 day weekend (half day Friday and half day Monday) or a 3 day weekend (Saturday, Sunday and half day Monday).  Please provide chat on this point. FYI, Monday is is a holiday (yes another) in France, Pentecost.
– The arriving ferry schedule is convenient: night ferry leaves Portsmouth at 23h45 and arrives in Le Havre at 8h.  The other ferry leaves Portsmouth at 8h30 and arrives in Le Havre at 12h45. 
– The departing ferry schedule is equally convenient: Monday departure from Le Havre at 17h00 arriving at 5h30 Tuesday.  Or rapid ferry service leaving Le Havre on Monday at 18h30 and arriving in Portsmouth at 20h45 Monday evening.
– The French SB3 class  will ensure that the SB3 racing programme will accommodate the ferry schedule
Sponsoring and assistance for the two largest expensesThe French SB3 class (with its sponsors) will be able to ensure a 50% reduction of the ferry costs (LD Lines).


The French SB3 class (with its sponsors) will be able to ensure a discount for the hotel costs as well and can already offer a B&B price of 66 euro including taxes. 

For the rest:

Separate starting line for the SB3 class
Separate trophy and awards
Craning is free (including in registration fee)
International jury.

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