Laser SB20 World Championships 2012 – Shipping Update

Laser SB20 World Championships 2012 – Shipping Update

The following information has been supplied by Rod Jones. If you have any queries, please send them to the chairman of your National District who can then feed then back in one submission.

Shipping :
o   The service will be RoRo.
o   This means boats will ship on their own trailers , with masts attached and on top , keels in etc etc.
o   There will be some codicils to how the boats are packed and what can be shipped etc and also to cleaning etc prior to shipping ( for Quarantine reasons )
o   Ports at the moment are Southampton , Le Havre , Antwerp , Bremerhaven , Amsterdam
o   I am negotiating for Med and Irish ports as well
o   Fee for shipping to be paid by the using teams will be $1550 USD return for the listed ports above , other ports TBA as they come online.
o   Shipping dates are available every 10 days outbound , we will advise of exact dates in 2012 but first shipping will be after Dutch Euro regatta
o   Likely that Boats may ship from one port and return to other provided we know in advance
o   Manifests and B of L docs will be shared – that is groups from a port will be on one BL/Manifest to save $$
o   Customs clearance by Carnet
o   One shipping agency will be nominated
o   Customs fees and Carnet fees my using teams
o   Subsidised shipping will only be available if using our nominated carrier and agency
Information supplied by Rod Jones. If you have any questions, please pass them back to the Chairman of your National District. Thank you.

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