European Champions crowned in Ireland

SB20 European Championship concluded in Ireland with the victory of the Russian VIS Sailing team of Artem basalkin, Timur Sabirzianov and Aleksandr Mikhailov. After a beautiful week in Dun Laoghaire, 4 top European (and 1 Australian) teams received their special trophies sponsored by ,  in the following nominations:

1) Youth champions – team Dunkerque FFV Youth (Arthur Meurisse, Clement Meister, Felix Michelet, Isaert Clarisse) from France

2) Masters champion – team Capre Diem (Colin Galavan, Chris Arrowsmith, David Cahill) from Ireland

3) Corinthian champion – team Porco Rosso (Elliott Noye, Paul McCartney, Edward Snowball) from Tasmania, AUS

4) Silver fleet winners – Buitenhuis Advies (Martijn Buitenhuis, Mark Reigwein, Rosita Bakker) from the Netherlands


In the Corinthian category 2 more teams were awarded for the 2nd and 3rd best result, being:


2nd place Corinthian – team Sin Bin (Michael O’Connor, Davy Taylor, Edward Cook)


3rd place Corinthian – team Melston (Kirill Frolov, Egor Ignatenko, Egor Terpigorev)


And finally the overall winners with 3 nations on the SB20 podium:



SB20 Europeans Champion – VIS Sailing team (Artem Basalkin, Timur Sabirzianov Alexander Mikhailov from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.



2nd place overall – team Porco Rosso (Elliott Noye, Paul McCartney, Edward Snowball) from Tasmania, AUS



3rd place overall – team Sin Bin (Michael O’Connor, Davy Taylor, Edward Cook) from Ireland


All the crew of the top 3 teams overall also received vouchers from Dubarry of Ireland, the renowned producers of sailing boots & clothes and the sponsor of the event. The technical support from Racegeek with some demos of the D10 device designed for competitive sailracing. At least 3 boats on the fleet from different countries were spotted sailing with a Racegeek display onboard. Daily activities and prizes included Casio watches awarded to the best team of the day, five in total.

The fleet welcomed some new young sailors, including Sportsboat World sponsored team with Laser sailor Jack Cookson on the helm, the FFVoile Youth French with Arthur Meurisse, as well as UK & Irish teams. The Class is always happy to see the participation of some female sailors, precisely the Ukrainian Julia Freespirit on #GameChanger and Sarah Byrne on Lia, both helming.



Many happy faces have been seen throughout last week in Ireland and the local Class Association is already planning their next activities, so do follow their news! The Major Events on our page (now after collecting from the Districts) will be soon featuring all the SB20 events in the world to make it easy for boat owners to plan their calendar for the year ahead. Next big fleet gathering is expected over the winter in Cascais, and later in France in preparation for the World Championships in Hyères in 2019. It will also include some activity in the Netherlands, as promised by the two Dutch teams who were racing in Dublin.


See Event reports for more detailed info on the action from Dun Laoghaire last week and follow SB20 Class on Facebook and Instagram.


More from the action: SB20Ireland and SB20 Class facebook pages.


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