Epic conditions on the last day of the 2nd SB20 WS!

Ukrainian Team ItParfurme of Anatoly Petrov from Odessa YC end at the top at the 2nd SB20 WS Regatta in Cascais. They were followed by Dom Pedro Hotels of local José Paulo Ramada. They were the only ones at the end with true chances of challenging the Ukrainians after 2 bullets on the first races of the day. The podium was closed by the current SB20 Portuguese Champion team Animal/Mobiag/SailCascais of Vasco Serpa also from Cascais.


A cold 16/18 knots strong easterly breeze was looking solid as sailors left the club in the morning. The ride for the course managed to give some fun and warmed the crews that set the kite to reach to the course.

1st race started on time, slightly past 11am. Team Dom Pedro took the pin at the start and sailed to the left where they were greeted with pressure and angle. They where sailing consistent and took the lead on the first downwind and left.

Madeira Islands, #GameChanger and Animal were behind fighting for what was left. Eventuallly Madeira Islands sailed the best last downwind on this group and finished 2nd followed by #Gamechanger. By this time Dom Pedro Hotels and the Ukrainians of ItParfume were tied at the top together with MST of Vasily Grigoriev of Russia.


2nd Race Team Dom Pedro came again from the left on the first upwind. Chased closely by ItParfume. At the top mark was clear there was going to be a beautiful fight between the two teams along the race. Eventually on the last run Dom Pedro got more pressure on their side and took the gun at the finish, with It Parfume behind. Animal defended well the attacks from the chasing group and finished 3rd. At this point Dom Pedro was 1st overall and looking strong.

But then came the last race, and this one was all about ItParfume. They took the lead on the first downwind and just sailed away to build an impressive gap to the rest of the fleet. They had sealed it. The Team of Anatoly Petrov, 470 Ukrainian Olympians Boris Shvets and Pavlo Matsyuev and Anna Kyselova got their very first win in Portuguese waters. Brilliantly sailed. Congratulations!

“Today was another not easy day, we were struggling to guess the paying side of the course and get sufficient boat speed. Luckily in the last race we managed to guess the side and gained a big lead ahead of the fleet,” – said happy and smiling Anna Kyselova of team ItParfume. “However Dom Pedro and Animal team, our two main competitors, were always chasing our back. It’s really hard to beat them on the downwinds, but then with Dom Pedro it’s also a battle upwind, so it was tough,” – she added. “We enjoy a lot Cascais conditions and consider it a great place for winter training, particularly for us as we are planning to participate at the next Europeans in Ireland.”

Second place on the race was to British national Peter Stratton sailing for Cascais followed by the French crew of Hugo Feydit.

At the end everybody was happy. Eight races sailed in three days. Solid fleet, great competition, awesome weather, great hosts. What else you need? 

Final Results after 8 races:

1st IT Parfume, Anatoly Petrov of YC Odessa, Ukraine 25Pts

2nd Dom Pedro Hotels, Jose Paulo Ramada of Cascais 29Pts

3rd Animal/Mobiag/SailCascais, Vasco Serpa of Cascais 33Pts

4th MST/SailCascais, Vasily Grigoriev of Moscow,Russia 38Pts

5th Madeira Islands, John Tavares of ANM, Madeira 51Pts

Overall standings: click here

Well, folks, that’s all from us here in Cascais for now. We will be back at the end of January for the 3rd SB20 Winter Series, meanwhile have a happy Xmas season and a happy new year. Make it happen!



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