Belgium’s Laser SB20 Class is Born

Belgium’s Laser SB20 Class is Born

We live in a small country with a short coast line. Still, there are a few enthusiastic sailors that have chosen to buy an SB3, and they love it. Even if we have only seven boats registered at the moment, we felt it was time to create a proper association. Numbers will grow hopefully, but the very active boat owners that are already sailing, are a great starting point for this, the newest European class member.

The founders of the association are those current SB3 owners in Belgium, and the board will be chosen soon. We nominate Frank Scherrens for President of the class. He was the pioneer, being the first to buy the boat in Belgium and he has the perfect flair to run this in the coming seasons. Commodore of the RNSYC, Luc Maes,  will also be a board-member. The yacht club is supporting the new class, and we can use their facilities and secretary to function smoothly.

Of course we will celebrate this in our own familiar way…a good party…at the Belgian Boat Show, on February 12th in Flanders Expo in Ghent. Save the date!

For 2010, we will run four club races from our base in Ostend that are top fun, both on and off the water. The second Huysman 3-Nations Cup at the end of September promises to be even better than last year, and in June, we launch the Belgian Nationals. An exciting and busy schedule is planned…

We are surrounded by good neighbours that are making the class work all over the continent. 2010 looks like a good year with a solid race circuit on the agenda. To make the SB3 class even more international, everybody is encouraged to participate in a maximum number of events.

Watch out for those Belgians…they’re coming!

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