Amsterdam Boat Show SB20 Party

Amsterdam Boat Show SB20 Party

Remco and Claire of Sailcenter, LaserPerformance Dealers in The Netherlands would like to invite all SB3 owners to a party on the Sailcenter stand at the Amsterdam Boat Show on Friday 5th March at 8pm.

The party is to celebrate the signing of a three year sponsorships agreement with Magic Marine. Magic Marine will support the SB3 Class in The Netherlands until the end of 2012. The sponsorship will climax with the SB3 European Championships in September 2012 in The Netherlands.

Beer and snacks will be served on the stand, number 04100 and all SB3 owners and crew are welcome.

If you are interested in buying an SB3 and wish to visit the Amsterdam Boat, please contact Claire at who will be able to arrange complimentary tickets for you.

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