Amendment to the NOR…2010 Worlds and Italian Nationals

Amendment to the NOR…2010 Worlds and Italian Nationals

An amendment has been made to the Notice of Race for the 2010 World Championships and Italian National Championships.

Download the amendment here: Amendment to the NOR…2010 Worlds and Italian Nationals

Text of the amendment here:

Amendment to the notice of race: Campionato Italiano Laser SB3 (25-27 June) and Laser SB3 World Championships (19-25 July)

A. The following notice will apply to the above two events:

As provided in class rule A.6.2 the mandatory equipment rule C.5.1 shall be altered to exclude the following items from the list of mandatory items. Members need not have these items but may sail with them as optional equipment if they wish:
Item 1: Horseshoe lifebuoy attached to stern.
Item 3: Anchor with specified chain.
Item 5. Floating Line attached to the stern
Item 9: Specified flares and watertight bag.

B. Additionally the following notice will apply to the above two events:
Due to the new 2010 SB3 Class rules and after discussion at the Technical Committee and with some World Council members and President, we have listed the following required amendments to the Notice of Race.
GPS is banned at all times in this event.

Each competitor shall wear a personal flotation device (life jacket) at all times while afloat.
Each boat shall carry its anchor rope to be used as a towing line when necessary.
-The class would also point out that support boats are seen as a possible advantage to those who have the additional funding available for such support.  The class requires that the Notice of race states that support boats use will be limited in their contact with competitors to before the first Starting sequence for the first race until after the last race has finished.  The Class also requires that all such boats agree as part of accreditation to be available for boat or personal rescue or towing work at any time on request from the race committee or any official rescue or support boat, and should without delay offer to assist any boat that is dismasted or sinking

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