2012 World Championship Updates

A brief quick update on a number of topics from the organisers of the 2012 SB3 World Championships. As soon as further details are available, they will be posted here, so please stay tuned…..and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

If we had been at Hammo this year we’d have had a great regatta. I’ve attached the Met observations from Hamilton Island airport for December , and highlighted the days of the regatta. Of course it’s not next year and any guarantee that the met will be like this is not offered !! However , Hammo in December is more often than not , a regatta paradise.

In East Coast Australia this year ( Especially Queensland East Coast ) we are again in the La Nina phase of the weather patterns. ( very simply…La Nina / El Nino are names given that relate to the direction of current on Pacific equator and on West South American coast that affects the water temperatures there and here in East Coast Australia and the Pacific in general ) La Nina to us means more rainfall , more instability etc. It is typical that we get more cyclones and floods. However this is the 3rd year of the La Nina cycle and typically it is moderating. We can likely expect a mild La Nina cycle next year or even the first year of the El Nino effect ( we get warmer , drier weather and possible droughts )…the other indicators ( Southern Oscillation Index ) are also pointing to a weak La Nina in 2012 with a possible transition to an El Nino year in 2012/2013.

What this means , if it eventuates as expected , is a milder wet season ( late 2012 and early 2013 ) for Queensland. Good news for us , typically  this year to date has not been as wet as last.

The met I’ve provided shows the wind in kmh ( so divide by 1.8512 to get knots ) , as you can see there was very little rain during the month ( by our standards ) , and what there was fell during short periods during storms or frontal events.

We would have lost no days due to too little or too much wind , temps were not high ( maybe a degree or two down on what we’d normally expect ).  All was good regatta wise.

Hamilton Island Weather Observations December 2011

No new news as yet , am awaiting advice from our container shipping company as to containerised rates , I expect this shortly ( and yes I know I have advised that for last month or so but it is coming !! ). I do expect this rate to be less per boat than that we have offered for RoRo.

I suggest you start looking at accom now but hold off booking anything for a few months , it is likely we will be able to release accom at Whitsunday Holiday Apartments in the New Year. These are apartments that sleep up to 5 , overlook Casteye Beach , have kitchen etc etc and offer great value. They do not include a buggy BUT are within walking distance of everything in the resort that matters. I will be putting out accom suggestions as soon as we have this online.

The NOR and Entry fee is ready , we are in negotiation with a major Event partner , I expect that this will come to fruition in next 6 weeks. If it has not , we will publish the NOR and open entries at that time.

No more news as yet , great deals can be had on Air Asia out of London Gatwick into Melbourne and then a separate ticket to Hamilton Island. Worth looking at this as it is very cheap. Air Asia are a no frills service , flying Airbus A330. The danger with this is its nota  through ticket and may mean an extra days travel into and out of Melbourne. They are regarded as reliable and safe in our part of the world. I do expect to be able to offer a mainstream airline at good prices soon.

Fun on the island
The island offers a multitude of tourism and fun attractions. You can bowl in the new bowling lanes ( Kiegel bowling ) , Mini Golf , Driving Range , real Golf ( one of the world’s most scenic and challenging courses on adjacent Dent Island – owned by the resort and linked by 10 minute ferry ride ) , Go Karts , Shooting Range , Jet Boats , Fishing , Picnics , Tennis , Gymnasium , Video ( Movie ) hire , Spa and Beauty ( 2 ) , Beach Cricket , Volley ball , Reef Tours , Restaurants , Take Aways , Kayaks , Fishing boat hire , Evening Dining Cruises , Catamaran hire , Paddle Board hire , and the list goes on…..

Self Catering accom is the best option on the island , there are two mainland supermarkets that offer a cheap delivery service to Hammo. It needs to be booked a few days in advance.  To give you an idea check out

www.colesonline.com.au                  or                     www.igaairliebeach.com.au/index.php


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