SB20 Inland Championships Results, Report & Images

SB20 Inland Championships Results, Report & Images

The first class event win of the season for the UK Laser SB3 class goes to…….

Winning Boatman at Inlands

Watching the forecasts before Easter, there was gloom as the weather front moved across the UK bringing little wind.   Would any racing be possible, let alone the 9 races planned?  But PRO Chris Wright succeeded in running 8 good races despite the trying conditions, with only one general recall.     

17 boats entered, with travellers from as far as Edinburgh, Poole, and Germany and most were able to earn at least one top 4 result.

Day 1 – Good Friday.  The briefing proved amusing, with Black Box’s question – Are there any shallow areas?  PRO’s answer – Yes: round the edges!  The South wind was better than expected at up to 10 mph and the rain held off.
Race 1 the PRO put up only 2 laps, to see how long it took the fleet to get round the course.  Baloo (Martin Boatman) showed early intent and led the first lap, but was overhauled up the beat by Hot Pants (Ian Martin) who held on to win with Black Box (Richard Wharram) third.  Race 2 began with 4 laps but was shortened to 3. Black Box led at the first lap and held off Baloo and Gill/RSC (Bruce Bonar) throughout.  In lightening winds Baloo led Race 3 early; Hot Pants and The Young Pretenders (Callum Calder, from Edinburgh) pulled up to the next places. 

Day 2 – Saturday.  The morning began with no wind at all but slowly the pressure came in from the West. After a 3 hour delay 3 races were held in 3.5-5 mph and required the sailors to look for the patches of stronger breeze.
In Race 4 Tom Davidson in Woohoo overtook the Laser boat (Ian Aldridge) to win – Tom was going to have a very good day!   Then Baloo took a pair of bullets, ahead of Gill/RSC and Hot Pants in Race 5 and Argo (Ed Handesyde-Dick) and Woohoo in Race 6.  Event organiser Richard Triffitt (Jupiter) had been delighted to be third – until surprised by an OCS.

The evening entertainment was a Fleet Dinner, followed by free poker arranged by Chris King of Wet Nuts, with £200 of prizes donated by Gill.  Some players were daunted at first by the poker but all thoroughly enjoyed it, with great banter.  The game began with 6 tables and was finally whittled to one table, then to just 2 players.  These 2 proved to be from the same boat! – Sarah Stannard and Tom Davidson from Woohoo  – and Tom claimed the Gill Regatta watch first prize.  There was then a high-card draw for the hull bag – won by Peter Clark (Laser).   The excitement was still not enough for the likes of Baloo, Argo, the Scots   – they headed for the nightclubs until 3.30am.

Day 3 – Easter Sunday, featured 8mph Northerly winds and rain.   After a general recall the young Scots in The Young Pretenders held off Baloo and Laser in Race 7.   The final race had an unusual finish.  A “not-to-be-named” boat lying second when rounding the last leeward mark got its pole jammed between the backstay of leaders Laser, and allowed Wet Nuts to get around them both and win, ahead of Black Box and the Scots.  Laser ended 6th.

So Martin Boatman sailing with “little” brother Dan and Carl Outhwaite took the overall Inland title after 3 bullets, never finishing outside the top 3 until the title was in the bag.  It was a nice touch that Martin in his youth had been coached by PRO Chris Wright!

As the one Committee Member present John Outhwaite thanked Rutland and the PRO for a great Championship, the travellers for coming, and particularly welcomed the young sailors from Edinburgh and Oxford.   The Rutland team very much appreciated everyone’s enthusiasm and support and enjoyed hosting such a positive event.

SB3 Inland Championships Results

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