“The Kids” take on “The Oracle”……and win!

“The Kids” take on “The Oracle”……and win!

A report from the Laser SB3 class at the Royal Southern Yacht Club’s June Regatta.

Laser SB3 Class Even though many of the Solent fleet had had a busy period with both the Eurocup and the Seaview Open in the past two weeks there was still a strong class entry for the weekend.

Race 1 saw a windward / leeward course set using Royal Southern buoy as the top mark. Starting after the J-109s a number of the SB3s elected to sail the same course as them and as a consequence badly overstood the mark and had to reach in from a long way out. This gave Ben Saxton, sailing his Dad’s boat ‘Rola-Trac’, the opportunity to establish a good lead after the first leg and he extended his lead during the 2nd lap with Mark Rushall (‘www.rushall.net’) and Charles Whelan (‘Here comes Bod’) taking the minor places. Mark Gillett (‘Pambere’) made the best recovery of the overstanding boats to finish 5th.

Ben Saxton again made the best start in Race 2 but having arrived at the Hill Head buoy in the lead he hardened up for a beat rather than gybing for the reach across to Royal London. By the time he realised his mistake the first boats were away & gone. The new leader ‘Cre8tivity’ got half way along the reach, had an aberration and gybed away for the next mark. Luckily no one else followed him. This left ‘Sponge Bob’ (Marshall King) in the lead and he made no mistakes to take the gun. In the day’s final race  2008 World Champion Geoff Carveth (‘Cre8tivity’) showed the rest how it should be done but ominously Ben Saxton came 2nd to lead the class overnight.

Special mention should be given to Dudley Stock helming ‘Odontoblast’ who sailed with just one crew on a day when it was not a two-man day.

With a steadier wind on Sunday the fleet were given more orthodox courses and this suited the young team on ‘Rola-Trac’ very nicely. They reeled off three wins leaving some very good teams behind them to sort out the minor placings.

‘Cre8tivity’ scored a 3, 2, 2 on the day but having retired from Race 2 on Saturday and with no discard allowed he was pushed down to 6th leaving Mark Rushall (‘www.rushall.net’) and Mark Gillett (‘Pambere’) in 2nd & 3rd.

Asked for a comment on the weekend Geoff summed it up succinctly ‘Kids!’. Ben & his crew just grinned, from ear to ear.

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