New team announced for SB20 Class, where girls rock!

A new sailing project – TRSCompetitions – was announced at the 3rd SB20 Cascais Winter Series, previously it was known as team Respect, the owner of the red boat that made a lot of noise starting with 2016 Worlds in Cascais. Since then the boat got some facelift at Delmar Conde’s shipyard in Aveiro, Portugal and returns to shine this year across Europe.

Who’s running it all? Denis Chappuis, Swiss-made man behind Team Respect and the owner of the red boat, presented his new project last month in Cascais and stressed that it is related to the human values he wants to promote through communications campaign and by bringing more people into sailing.

Hélène Urrutti, SB20 Class secretary and a keen sailor and active Match Racing participant, will be in charge of TRSCompetitions and she’s designated to be SUI3183 team main Skipper!

The other team members will include:
Pauline Mazzocchi – 2nd helm
Alexia Barrier – Mainsail, tactician and helm
Noa Ancian – Mainsail and tactician
Marie de Reviers – Mainsail and tactician
Emmanuelle Tora – bow crew
Marie Boulaire – bow crew
Aude Chatot – bow crew

Ed Russo, the President of SB20 Class, shared his excitement about the new team and fully supports it being focused on promoting female sailing in the Class, he also mentioned that “with Hélène, the boat is in good hands!”

At their first sailing event together in Cascais the boat was crewed by Hélène (Skipper), Noa (Main and tactics), Emmanuelle and Denis as Bow crew. As a note half of the Crew had never sailed SB20 before, but oh boy, they enjoyed it! 25 knots of pure Cascais welcomed the team at 3rd SB20 Cascais Winter Series. But their faces looked excited and charged with energy for the rest of the year!

On top of this TRSCompetitions is preparing activities on other boats and circuits, as team members are active in Match Racing too. The crew will focus on both and TRSCompetitions will soon announce the way it’s evolving to pursue theirambitions.

Meanwhile the Program is the following:

Massilia Cup: 5-7 April (Marseille, France), 3 days
Hyères Series: 24 -26 May (Hyères, France), 3 days
Genève – Rolle – Genève: 7-9 June (Genève, Switzerland), 3 days
Bol d’OR Mirabaud: 14-16 June (Genève, Switzerland), 3 days
French Nationals: 13-15 September (Hyères-COYCH, FRANCE), 3 days
Grand Slam France: 4-6 October (Hyères-COYCH, FRANCE), 3 days
SB20 Worlds 2019: 19-25 October (Hyères COYCH, FRANCE), 5 days

Red TRSC boat will be delivered to France end of February this year, where the team will have several trainings and spend the whole season there with the big ambition, of course, to sail well at the coming SB20 World Championships in Hyères. After that the shiny red is planning to come back to Cascais for the 2019/2020 Winter Series to train ahead of the 2020 SB20 World Championship. Follow the adventures of the Red boat and new team TRSC on Facebook and at SB20 Class resources.

More news soon!

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