Laser SB20 Sailing on the East Coast

The East Coast SB3 fleet is based at the Colne Yacht Club, Brightlingsea, Essex. Inspired by the recent promotion of the Clyde SB3 fleet we were prompted to do the same for those interested in joining us on the East Coast in Essex.

With a core fleet of 6 SB3’s enjoying competitive racing for the last 2 years in the wonderful Colne & Blackwater estuary location we are now looking to step up to the next level by attracting interested owners and crews to establish a larger and sustainable racing fleet.

There is a thriving racing community at Brightlingsea from both the Colne Yacht Club (cruisers and sport boats) and Brightlingsea Sailing Club (racing dinghies & catamarans) and Brightlingsea has been host to many national and world class events for various classes. The use of both fixed line and committee boat starts enables a combination of ‘round the cans’ and ‘windward/leeward’ courses to suit all weathers and tastes and get the best out of these exciting and exhilarating boats.

SB3’s are stored securely in the ‘Park & Ride’ boat park (mast up) and launched by the town jetty using tractors operated by the ‘Park & Ride’ team. This efficient system is both fast and affordable and allows the boats to be well kept and sailed to their optimum intended performance.

The ‘Park & Ride’ package for both summer and winter storage.

• Secure storage in the boat park (1 April to 31 October)
• Unlimited launch & recovery cycles (1 April to 31 October)
• Secure winter storage (1 November to 31 March)
• Additional launch & recovery cycles (1 November to 31 March)

Brightlingsea Boat Park & Ride SB3 Dry Sail Package for 2012

• April to October with unlimited launch & recovery cycles £1,100. (inc. VAT)
• November to March winter storage to be negotiated
• Additional launch & recovery cycles £20. Per. Launch & recovery
• Alternative winter storage facilities are also available for Colne Yacht Club members at their boatyard .

Colne Yacht Club Membership

Membership of the Colne Yacht Club is open to nominated members for a current joining fee of £100.00 and annual subscription of £185.00. This friendly and active club offers excellent year round facilities with bar and restaurant service throughout the season and a fantastic balcony to enjoy the waterside view. Please visit for more information or contact the club administrator on 01206 302594.

A full race programme is planned for the 2012 season with a mixture of round the cans and windward/leeward courses, from April to October, with social events. The programme is designed to recognise the fact that many crews have other weekend family and sporting commitments so it affords the flexibility to commit to sections of the programme or, for the really enthusiastic, the whole series. For those travelling any distance where possible early starts will be avoided.


Colin Willett
Tel: 01206 305402
Mobile: 07885 593904


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