Happy birthday to Alain Roig, owner of FRA3721

This month Alain, the owner of FRA3721 is turning 70 years old and with the video below we would like to congratulate him from the SB20 Class community with the anniversary!

That was one of the reasons for this video that had been recorded at the SB20 World Championship in Hyères celebrating that Alain is by far the most senior SB20 sailor in the French fleet. Despite the age he is one of the most active and the most desirous to go sailing the SB20.

And for that we salute him! Alain is also one of the most generous sailors in France, essentially lending his boat to the Youth team of Hugo Feydit with the only condition, that he sails as his best and be the first 🙂

“I sail with Alain since the season 2016 when I stopped sailing 470. I was looking for a new challenge and Michou (the coach) put us in touch. For the Worlds in Cascais in 2016 Alain was injured and gave me his boat to sail at the event! It was a great proof of confidence and then when he was able to sail we started sailing together. I’m really thankful to him for all he did to me”

Hugo Feydit, helmsman of Rhapsodie

The team continues sailing together along with Adèle Marevery and Sébastien Soupey, having recently competed at the World Championship in Hyères. Thanks to Hugo Feydit, Ed Russo, Hélène Urutti and Anna Zykova for putting this video together!

Cover photo – from SB20 Europeans in Dun Laoghaire – and video footage captured by Anna Zykova.

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