Cowes Week – Update

Cowes Week – Update

Please would all SB3 sailors entering Cowes Week read the post that follows

It’s time to get planning for Cowes Week!
Moorings – URGENT
If you wish to book a mooring at Shepards Wharf Marina, you MUST let me know by Wednesday 8th July. After this point, it is highly unlikely that I will be able to reserve a berth on your behalf. I appreciate that the original booking form gave you until 17th July to confirm your requirements, but Shepards Wharf Marina have changed the date. I’m sorry for the change to arrangement. Please e-mail me if you require a berth and put the payment and booking form in the post by return. The booking form is attached.

Cowes Week Berthing Booking Form
It’s not too late, so if you are still considering an entry, the next hike in entry fee is 26th July, so make sure you enter quickly! Entries online at
Cowes Week Class Party
A new event for 2009! We’ve done away with ties and blazers and have arranged a “Rum Punch and Build Your Own Burger Party” which will be held at the Pier Bar in Shepards Wharf on Monday 3rd August from 7pm. Tickets will be £15.00 per person. We hope that every boat entering the SB3 Class at Cowes Week 2009 will attend the class party. If you are sailing at Cowes, but not on an SB3, you are still VERY welcome to come and join us for the party! Booking form attached, please rush this back to me a.s.a.p.

Cowes Week SB3 Class Party Booking Form 2009
As you will all be aware by now, there will be no VW Sponsorship at Cowes Week 2009. As VW are now no longer a Cowes Week sponsor, anybody planning on flying a VW genneker, will have to pay the advertising entry fee. We have tried to negotiate with the organisers on your behalf, but I’m afraid we’ve drawn a blank.
Genneker Numbers
Another issue that I need to draw to your attention is Genneker numbers. The organisers are insisting that all SB3’s carry an identifying number on their Gennekers. I have spoken to Hyde sails, and they have recommended that competitors apply their designated number to their Genneker with a permanent marker pen. To save you time (and your colouring in skills…..) we have managed to get the organisers to agree that we can allocate a two digit number to each of you. So, if you are planning to sail with your 2008 VW Genneker, which already has a number on it, please let me know by 17th July. If I do not hear from you, I will allocate you a number and it will be time to get the black marker pen out…….sorry, we do know that this is a complete pain.
Sorry to bombard you with information, but please get yourselves sorted! If you’ve got any queries, please let me know!

Thank you!

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