Keel Aligning | SB20 Class

Keel Aligning

SB20 Keel Alignment

It was identified after the SB20 was launched and a significant number of boats had been manufactured that the front of the keel box was aligned 3mm to port. In consultation with the class, it was agreed to leave it where it was.

Subsequently, as the SB20 has become more competitive there has been increased pressure from the class to allow sailors to re-align the keel in the keel box.

The final objective is to move the leading edge of the keel to starboard by 3mm.

This can be achieved by shimming the front port side of the keel and can be done on both TIGHT and looser fitting keels – the looser ones that require extra shimming will require the shims to be equal on both sides of the keel, following the 3mm shimming on the port side.

Please download the Keel Alignment Instructions  document for the step by step method guide.


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