XXXe Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse 2014

Primo Cup - Trophée Credit Suisse (From 31/01 to 02/02 and from 06/02 to 09/02 2014)180 boats divided in 11 classes to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this major European winter regatta organised by the Yacht Club de Monaco.

This year’s XXX Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse 2014 showed the strength of the SB20 Class in the Mediterranean Region coming off the 2013 Worlds in Hyeres. The class was eager to demonstrate that it was not only the largest one design class this year at the Primo, but the most international. With six nations represented, and several former Olympic and America’s Cup sailors, the SB20 Class set up an international event that was crowned the Mediterranean Championship.

The Primo cup is a competition where the weather conditions can drive some sailors mad when things go wrong and consider yourself lucky when things go well. A quote from sailors is “In Monaco, until you cross the finish line, it’s never over”.

The first day, as the competition was starting, two GBR teams realised belately that they had not read the notice of race correctly and thought that the competition began on Friday rather than on Thursday. But as they did not wanted to miss the first start of the day, they tossed their boats into the water in record time which is possible with the SB20 and both teams made it for the first gun in a nick of time.

On Friday, another big event started, the Winter Olympic Games 2014 at Sotchi in Russia. In the spirit of their proud nation for the Opening ceremony, three Russian teams scored the three bullets on day two of the Mediterranean Championship!

After four days of sailing and some tough competition, the Italian team Diva ITA 3637(1st) won the SB20 Primo Cup followed by the Team Black Magic FRA 3706 (2nd) and by the Team Un’Al ultra Claudia ITA 3578 ( 3dr). For the Ladies, the 1st was the Team Aurora ( RUS 3715) from St. Petersburg

As the biggest class of the championship this year, the Golden Nugget of 100g raffle offered by the Primo Cup sponsor, Credit Suisse, was only drawn from the SB20 fleet. The winning ticket went to the ARAMIS French team and, needless to say, they were extremely happy. The World Championship in St. Petersburg just got one step closer for ARAMIS!

Hence, next year the SB20 goal is to continue to be the biggest class of this event…May be you will win the next Golden Nugget!!!!

Finally, for those who could not attend, a very sincere congratulations and thank you needs to be mentioned for the Yacht Club of Monaco and especially their entire staff of volunteers, organizers and the race committee.

The regatta was wonderful championship and the reception outstanding.

See you soon at the next SB20 events for new adventures!!!

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