Getting ready in Singapore

Getting ready in Singapore

Next week-end 22-23 may will be the very expected second regatta of our Singapore National Championship and already yesterday (Sunday) we could see a lot of activity around the boats. Tool boxes were out and crew were getting their machines ready before the promising race to come.

After all this fine tuning and even if no round-the-cans were scheduled officially, 5 boats went out on the water for some unsollicited, but always welcome, sessions of speed testing and manoeuvring. “GlasgowKiss”, “Hullabaloo”, “Xoco”, “Alidade” and “Over there” enjoyed a nice breeze which typically grew to about 10knots as from 2 pm sharp. 

The day before, “Hullabaloo” (again), “Su Me” and “Bandit” did there very best to win the RM Lady’s Helm regatta even though racing on handicap is not the SB3’s cup of tea. It was surely another good training however and look forward to reading the official review (if any). 

Great News After “Pyxis”, sold to Robin Young and “Xoco”, (ex Vitra) sold to Max Hartvigsen and Ola Andersen earlier this year, we are very pleased to welcome 2 new Owners to join in the fun. “Over There” has been sold toMarcus Tehan who used to sail on “Pyxis” and “who could not resist” when “Pocapena” will very soon be driven by a new Australian owner. These fresh arrivals in the fleet are obvioulsy very good news after the 4 boats that joined the fleet in 2009 (Alidade, Bandit, Hullabaloo, Su Me). Remains now only Dutchess available for sale. She is the youngest boat of the fleet and a fast one as we can all remember.    We have 8 boats confirmed sofar for the May(hem) Regatta:

Glasgow Kiss
Over there
Su Me
The Dogs 3

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