RUS: Russian Association Open Event Invitation

2014 SB20 World Championships to be hosted in St Petersburg credit Boris Lashkov 1 (1)

St. Petersburg  will be the host of regatta  Russia’s Open from August 23rd to August 25th 2013. This event will give sailors from the SB20 class in Europe a good chance to try the waters where the 2014 World Championship will take place.

Even though Russia is still “terra incognita”  for many people in Europe, St.Petersburg is pretty easy to reach.  Visitors can arrive via ferries which leave from Germany, Sweden or Finland.   Furthermore, Helsinki, Finland is just 270  kilometers away by car.

We will publish all information detailing what is necessary to pass through customs on the way in and out of Russia.

This year, up to 30 boats from Russia and Ukraine will be participating.  We have 4 boats which can be chartered for the Championship.  Deadline for entires is 1st June.

The entrance fee will be just 150 Euro per team and will cover at least 2 social events. Families are welcome, St. Petersburg has a lot to offer for visitors.

You can get any  information  needed  from our  Association Office, contact: Andrey Petrov

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