NED: Great Training for Dutch Fleet

NED: Great Training for Dutch Fleet

The training weekend, March 26-27th at Muiderzand was a great succes for the Dutch and Belgian SB3 class. With 7 boats on the water and 2 spare crew we had a perfect group of sailors that made the most out of the tips and tricks offered by South-African, Roger Hudson.

Saturday morning started with the rigging and tuning of the boats, and by mid day we were on the water with the fleet and the coaching RIB. It was cloudy and rather cold, but the NE-wind between 8 and 12 knots gave perfect conditions to run a lot of starting procedures and 4 short races. Roger filmed loads of interesting sequenses and gave his comments on the spot.

By the time the boats were safely moored, the footage was sorted. The group gathered over a beer in the lovely restaurant Voor Pampus, where we watched the sailing of the day. Comments were given and a list of things to improve the boatspeed, boathandling and mark roundings was gathered for all to work on the next day.

Sunday was a very sunny and much warmer day. We started with an overview of the rig on one boat. The SB3 sailors are good listeners which gave Roger the opportunity to go over all the boathandling and emphasise what is most important to work at with the crew and the details that change in different weather conditions. Just before mid day the fleet was on the water in light conditions. Again we started with 6 starting procedures, as the wind died away. It took less than half an hour for a fresh more Northerly wind to build, and now we had 10-12 knots to get some close racing going again.

It was very obvious that all sailors understood the little details to improve there sailing. The footage of the day with Roger’s comments showed this very clearly. We watched it after the very smooth hauling out of the boats. Some have had some personnal tips, tactics were improved, and in general it was stunning how much better the boats went around the courses on the second day. Everyone must have a good feeling about their starts now, and their boats certainly have less secrets.

Roger & Frank really enjoyed this group of sailors that put such a great effort in the listeneing and trying out the tips they received. They hope that all will benefit from this, and that everyone keeps working on the details with the great attitude they saw the whole weekend. We all must thank Claire and Martijn from the Dutch SB“-class for their effort as well as the warm welcome we had at Marina Muiderzand.

All 475 pics are available at The video footage will be available to the 7 boats that participated.

Frank Dobbels

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