New Laser SB20 Class President

New Laser SB20 Class President

For those of you who don’t sit on National District Committees or the Laser SB3 World Council, you may not know that the President of our Class changed following the World Championships in May 2011. Dave Cheyne stood down after his second stint on the World Council and has been replaced by Ed Russo from France.

Below are a few details about Ed to help you get to know him. Ed has been the driving force behind the Laser SB3 class re-establishing itself in France and will bring the same level of passion and enthusiasm to the class that we enjoyed with Dr C!

Make sure you say hello to Ed at the next event you attend with him…..and don’t forget to buy him a beer, he does a great job keeping the class moving forwards!

Name: Ed Russo
Contact: edward.russo @
Mobile: +33 0777 6318
Boat Name: Morpheus
Sail Number: FRA 3423
Fleet: France

Get to know Ed…* My favourite memory of SB3 sailing is…… Planning along nicely in 20 – 22 knots of breeze at Morgat in May 2010 when a gust of 25 + knots hits – the boat leaps off a wave and says, “give me some more of that stuff” and the terrace after-race at the Royal Torbay Yacht Club during the May 2011 Worlds
* My dream SB3 crew would be…one that makes the skipper look good, is always available for regattas, enjoy getting the boat prepared before the regatta and, depending on my weight, they weigh in at 269,9 kg.  If that’s not possible, Bertrand Pacé and Mathieu Richard would be nice for the Worlds in Hamilton Island
* My most embarassing moment in the SB3 was when I…the boom stuck in the backstay during a jibe in heavy breeze and during a match race in SB3, sailed the boat over the committee boat anchor line when entering the match (the current was terrible..). 
* The best SB3 sailing location has to be…Hamilton Island, Australia
* The event that I never miss in the SB3 calendar is… the Worlds and the European Championships
Ed has promised to send another photo soon, we’re not sure you’ll recognise him from this shot!
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