GBR: Hill to fly pink kite on day one of SB20 Grand Slam at Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week.

The SB20 UK Association is delighted to confirm the return of the “pink kite” to the SB20 Grand Slam at Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week. Specialist marine leisure logistics operators GAC Pindar provided the SB20 class with the pink kite, which will be flown by the winner of the previous day’s racing.

The pink kite will be flown on day one of the SB20 Grand Slam at AAM Cowes Week by 2012 class winner, Jerry Hill ( From Sunday onwards (Day 2), the pink kite will be flown by the overall winner of the previous days two races. The SB20 class will enjoy a new format of racing this year, with two races scheduled per day instead of the traditional, one race per day format.

The pink kite was first introduced in 2004 and has always been a talking point at Cowes Week. Spectators lining The Green in Cowes can easily see who won the SB20 class racing the day before, and perhaps more importantly how they are fairing on the Solent the following day!

“We’re really pleased to be able to support the SB20 class by providing the pink kite,” said Nick Crabtree, Group Director, GAC Pindar. “It’s a great class to race in and we hope that the kite will add to the enjoyment of the Grand Slam and AAM Cowes Week for everyone involved”. GAC Pindar is an official partner of the SB20 class and Sportsboat World.

31, SB20’s will compete in the SB20 Grand Slam at AAM Cowes Week which runs for the first four days of the regatta (Saturday 3rd – Tuesday 6th August). Racing will continue for the SB20 Class on Wednesday 7th August, when the fleet will return to the traditional one race per day format for the remainder of the event.

Good luck to all SB20 sailors, have a great week!

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