GBR: Cowes Week, the thinking mans regatta

Tuesday 14th August, Cowes, UK. Cowes week once more lived up to its reputation of the thinking man’s regatta….. With a short postponement due a large shipping movement…the squadron set the fleet off straight into the path of a smaller one, the Red Funnel ferry. With the timing of a music hall artiste the fleet, tight reaching into the current met with the ferry in full flow out of the river…..just to add to the games it then stopped. Great spectator sport as the teams that started out of the tide had to decide which side to risk it…..Hill in Sportsboat world reacted quickly…hoisted the kite and reached around the bows in a steel balled display of bravado that no doubt amused the Harbour master.

As the SB fleet headed to the first turning mark Space Docker poked out from just behind the Nadgers ….tight reaching with their GAC Pindar pink kite won in yesterdays race they arrived just outside the fetching Hill who had sailed lower in better breeze but more current.

With an unexpected wind shift the fixed mark course turned into what Hill called a bit of  a “Reach a thon”  Still, a wise man once said he had no problem racing in a procession when you are the majorette.

Results were 1st, 2. Space Docker 3. Polar Bear

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