GBR: SB20 Class Rule Change for AAM Cowes Week

“In accordance with RRS 87 and SB20 Class Rule 6.1, the SB20 Class Association permits the following changes to SB20 Class Rules solely for boats competing at Aberdeen Asset Cowes Week 2013 and solely for the duration of that event:
1. Class rule C.3.2.(a) is amended to read “the crew shall consist of a maximum of 5 person”.
2. Class rule C.4.2 is implemented to permit the use of handheld GPS.”

Explanatory note:
Amendment 1 is intended to permit the participation of crews including young and light people. Owners / skippers should note that the crew weight limit of 270 kg (Class rule C.3.1.(c)) still applies.
Amendment 2 is necessary to aid safe navigation due to the nature of courses set by Aberdeen Asset Cowes Week around the numerous laid marks in the Solent.

Both of these rule changes are cancelled at the end of racing on Saturday 10th August 2013.

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