GBR: 2013 Events Programme Published

Thank you to everybody who completed the end of season SB20 Class Survey. Having delved deep into the results of the survey, the UK Committee has reacted to your feedback really quickly and we are really excited to publish the 2013 SB20 Event Programme.

The SB20 UK 2013 Event Programme is attached in both “calender view” or “simple list” format.

SB20 UK 2013 Event Programme
SB20 UK 2013 Event Programme List

Key highlights of the 2013 programme include:

  • UK National Championships hosted by the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, Falmouth, Cornwall. This will be a 3 day event with a day of training for those who wish to join in the day before the first day of racing.
  • Solent Series is a 5 event series, where the best 4 of 5 event results will count. This series has been pulled together to provide a spread of racing throughout the summer months, topped and tailed by one weekend in the Spring and Autumn Championships.
  • Inland Championships & Training will enjoy a refreshed format, focusing on family and fun. Full details of this event will evolve over the winter months, but we hope that this will be a great opportunity for those looking to enhance their performance in a racing environment.

Further details for all events will be circulated as soon as they are finalised by e-mail and will also be available on

Regarding Cowes Week. There is a plan for a 4 day “super series” at Cowes. This will not replace the full Cowes Week event, but is intended to enhance the enjoyment of the event and provide much greater value for money. Those wishing to race the full 7 (or 8) days of Cowes Week in the SB20 class will be able to do so. Plans are starting to look really exciting and we will let you have more information as soon as it becomes available.

Please join me in thanking the UK Committee for their continued effort in providing you with a great event programme for 2013.

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