Australian SB20 Championship 2010 – Kia Timm faces supreme test

Australian SB20 Championship 2010 – Kia Timm faces supreme test

Kia Timm the exceptionally dedicated SB3 class Queensland champion will face a supreme test of one-design sailing and tactical strategy when he contests the 2010 Audi Australian championship at Port Stephens from April 12-18.

The Yachting Australia qualified coach who has successfully introduced numerous Sunshine Coast primary and secondary school students to the sport through the Noosa Yacht and Rowing club sail training school will continue to focus his personal Australian championship training schedule with after school hour sessions off Mooloolaba.

He will pack his sea bag then drive the busy coast road to rig and launch his high performance Oceanburo sports boat for what he describes as routine training lasting several hours on the open ocean ‘torture track’ north of Pt Cartwright.

The wind disturbed nature of the seaway combining the ground swell with the prevailing wind wave provides both skipper and crew with the perfect environment to perfect their steering, hiking and wave surfing skills.

These mid-week sessions have proved to be important rewarding Kai Timm and crew with a marginal speed sailing edge to win the Queensland championship ahead his arch Mooloolaba Yacht Club rival and former Australian 505 champion Phil Gray.

Kai Timm and his Oceanburo crew expressed the value of their extensive training sessions on the bumpy waters off Mooloolaba Beach to hold the progressive lead after the Sunshine Coast leg of the championship while Phil Gray’s Dulon crew were the star performers winning the Yachting Queensland Sail Brisbane leg of the series to secure the Queensland championship Silver medal.

The Queensland championship ‘quinella’ was an outstanding the result for the Mooloolaba crews however it has re-fuelled the competitive spirit as they prepare for the more important Audi Australian championship at Port Stephens.

Kai Timm has no need to be reminded that his State championship ranking is under threat and –a champion crew is only as good as their next regatta result which is the reason behind his extensive commitment to training and refining their boat handling technique.

Major results in this strict form of one-design class racing are always determined by the crew who have the ‘grit’ to sail fast under pressure and make the smarter tactical decisions in relation to the breeze blowing over the course.

Even the most minor error can become the difference between finishing first or scoring a ‘back in the pack’ result.

Kai Timm, Phil Gray and Queensland’s leading female skipper Lauren Calder who heads up the Audi Sunshine Coast racing team have all experienced the torment associated with a ‘drop out’ and are making the necessary commitment to be individually race ready when the Queensland team faces a strong fleet of interstate rivals to decide the 2010 Audi Australian title over the neutral courses off Port Stephens in mid-April.

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