An Update from Singapore – Racing Report 18th April

An Update from Singapore – Racing Report 18th April

Living on the equator so close to the sun, it gets hot. This last Sunday the sun was out a vengeance and woe be to anyone who touched a bit of metal with something tender.

After rigging up the expected Southerly shore breeze never appeared, and winds were out of the North. This meant it was coming overland and was shifting and changing pressure with each puff. The tide was ebbing all day at its usual 2-3kts going with the wind and had a gradient left to right. 4 races were had in total. The line was set for four boats, but seven showed up. As a result starts were tight, and loud, with all seven boats showing up right at the favored end right-on-time.

In race one the fleet split on the first leg; some going left in search of relief from the tide and some going right looking for pressure. Left paid off and Katana rounded first, but then for some strange reason decided to give up their lead and gybed off, allowing Glasgow Kiss and Hullabaloo to slip ahead. Hullabaloo then squeaked ahead and held it to the finish with Glasgow Kiss and Katana in second and third. Race 2 was in some respects similar to the first; pressure on the right versus favorable tide and a lifter on the left. Lots of places were traded. Glassgow Kiss and SuMe rounded the windward mark first. At the end of the run Glassgow Kiss and SuMe had a disagreement over rights at the port-end gate allowing Hullabaloo escape on the starboard-end gate. Between races 2 and 3 SuMe was also unhappy with the set of the line and decided to re-set the pin with her keel. Race 3 started badly for some; Hullabaloo was spit out the back of the fleet like watermelon seed and was forced right while most of the fleet went left. Others like Katana started well, took the lead, and this time decided to hold on to it to take the bullet. Hullabaloo recovered for a second, closely followed by Glasgow Kiss. The last race was once around and back to the lighthouse on the breakwater and the club. Glasgow Kiss grabbed the lead from Bandit and held it to the end, beating everyone back to the bar.

Thanks to everyone for showing up and making it a great day of racing. I apologize in advance for any factual discrepancies or self-serving commentary. The sun combined with an après-ski beer materially impaired my memory of this weekend.


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