2015 SB20 World Championships awarded to Yacht Club Circolo Vela Torbole, Italy

 Following the successful 90 boat fleet at the 2013 Audi SB20 World Championship at Hyeres, France last September and ahead of the 2014 World Championship at the Yacht Club Hercules in St. Petersburg, Russia this coming September, the SB20 fleet and World Council have decided on the next top notch sailing venue for their 2015 World Championship.

SB20 inTorbole

 The 2015 SB20 World Championships have been awarded to the Yacht Club Circolo Vela Torbole, Lake Garda, Italy. The Championship will take place in July 2015. 

The Italian fleet has consistently been strong since the SB20’s first boats and Torbole was also the host of the 2010 World Championship which was a major success with over 100 boats in two separate fleets for the five days of typical Lake Garda July weather. The entire class is looking forward to this event in 2015.

“This is a fabulous location and especially during the summer months when the event will take place” explained Ed Russo, SB20 World Council President.  “The Worlds will be organised by highly qualified sailing club with worldwide recognition for high quality world championship competitions”

The competition will be lead by the GBR fleet coming off their 5th straight World Championship trophy in Hyeres (2013 Worlds champion Craig BURLTON) and Jerry HILL who won the Worlds in Torbole in 2010.   However, the 2013 Worlds showed that the other fleets are nipping at the heels of the strong GBR fleet with Luka RODION (UKR), Roger HUDSON (RSA), Sebastien COL (FRA) and Jean-Baptiste BERNAZ (FRA) in the second through fifth places respectively.

As the newly appointed Italian SB20 Class President, I am very happy the 2015 SB20 Worlds will be held in Torbole” stated Gian Matteo PAULIN. “This year will be crucial for the continued growth of the Class and the 2015 Worlds in Italy will allow us to work with renewed enthusiasm. The competition from the foreign crews is a challenge that doesn’t scare us, we have already shown at both the Worlds in Hyeres and the last Primo Cup in Monaco that our sailors have what it takes to compete in any conditions. We can’t wait to have you all on the start line of the first regatta in Torbole!”

The Italian 2014 Circuit consists of four events, two of which will take place in North Lake Garda. Italian 2015 circuit built in order to allow the fleet to experience both the Italian and the Portuguese waters. 

The SB20 class provides low cost, high intensity, big fleet racing and attracts some of the most recognisable names in sailing today.

Further news and developments can be followed online at: SB20class.com and facebook.com/SB20class 

  • Mark Brammer


    Why does the class not loose the weight limit (guess why:-)) and the one sail maker rule?

    As these boats can now be purchased for not much brass, a friend has purchased one for less than 5000 euros perhaps a new set of rules may refresh the class in the uk.


  • Alan Holmes

    Why not reduce keel weight and add a trapeze (or two). Then no need for braked trailers and the hassle of stripping down wheels after immersing trailer .

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