2010 Sail Mooloolaba championship – Twelve SB20 crews enter

2010 Sail Mooloolaba championship – Twelve SB20 crews enter

Sunshine Coast sailing clubs have enthusiastically combined their resources to launch a major all classes regatta to be staged off Mooloolaba Beach on the 5-6th of June.

The initial plan introduced by the pro-active Maroochy Sailing Club to promote a major winter regatta on the Sunshine Coast has the full support of The Mooloolaba Yacht Club and the OceanBuro SB3 Dart sports boat class.

Up to twelve SB3 crews including Mooloolaba’s Lauren Calder and her all female Audi Sunshine Coast racing team have accepted the Notice of Race documents confirming they will gain test their tactical skill in a boat on boat match race for honours against some of Australia’s leading male one-design class racing skippers.

Mooloolaba’s former Australian 505 champion Phil Gray and his Dulon Polish crew will be all out to repair some minor damage to their reputations following a below par seventh in the 2010 Audi Australian championship at Port Stephens last month.

Gray, noted for his fresh wind sailing skills had some difficulty in producing consistent top three results in a series that was contested in light variable winds.

His final four race score of 10-2-7-11 was out of character while Lauren Calder’s crew generally held control on a top ten finish with their 7-3-6-7 results.

Both the Dulon Polish and Audi Sunshine Coast Girls will welcome the opportunity to test their individual crew skill and tactical strategy on their home course where Phil Gray will be hoping for a stronger and more reliable weather system to justify his ranking as the regatta favourite.

The nature of the strict one-design SB3 class racing, places a huge demand on the skipper and crew to command clear space out of the start.

This will become a top priority for Phil Gray and Lauren Calder when the ‘battle-line’ is drawn off Pt Cartwright to decide the 2010 Sail Mooloolaba champion on June 5-6th.

Naturally the tenacious Lauren Calder will not be offering any clear sailing space to her male rivals.

Instead the Audi Sunshine Coast all female crew have promised to become a front line contender for the trophy in spite of becoming a tactical target.

They also promise to emerge from the fleet racing ‘scrap’ with an improved ranking.

The clash between these two talented crews promises to be a regatta highlight with the races expected to be decided by centimetres rather than seconds.

Generally the Dulon Polish crew are considered to have a minor edge but they will need to adopt a tight defensive tactical strategy to restore their reputation as one of the best in the class.

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