European Championships 2018 – Dun Laoghaire, Ireland | SB20 Class

European Championships 2018 – Dun Laoghaire, Ireland


As the 2018 World Championships took place in the Southern hemisphere, the SB20 Class has chosen Dublin, Ireland in the Northern hemisphere for 2018 SB20 Europeans. The event was be hosted by the Royal Irish Yacht Club, in Dun Laoghaire, from August 25th to September 1st 2018.


The event winners, VIS Sailing team from Russia (Artem Basalkin, Timur Sabirzianov Alexander Mikhailov), left no chance for their competitors despite an unfortunate DSQ on Day 1 of racing. They managed to climb back to the top, thanks to two discards that were allowed with 11 races sailed. Second on the podium – Australian team Porco Rosso (Elliott Noye, Paul McCartney, Edward Snowball) in close position to the overall winner and also the best Corinthian team. In third place – Irish team SinBin of Michael O’Connor, sailing with Davy Taylor and Edward Cook, local heroes who prepared for this championship about a year ahead and trained well for this deserved Bronze.


Among other awarded winners:

Youth champions – team Dunkerque FFV Youth (Arthur Meurisse, Clement Meister, Felix Michelet, Isaert Clarisse) from France

Masters champion – team Capre Diem (Colin Galavan, Chris Arrowsmith, David Cahill) from Ireland

Silver fleet winners – Buitenhuis Advies (Martijn Buitenhuis, Mark Reigwein, Rosita Bakker) from the Netherlands


Some detailed day-by-day articles are available in the News/Event Reports section, the overall results online can be accessed here.


Principal Race Officer, Jack Roy, the Head of Irish Sailing, and all the RC team, did a fantastic job in providing the SB20 sailors the best of the Irish sailing in tricky conditions from light breezes to 25+ knots, crushing waves kind of racing.



All sailors felt welcomed thanks to the fantastic hospitality provided by the Royal Irish Yacht Club and personally by Mark McGibney who’s management of the boats and his shore team is just beyond perfect.


Last but not least thanks to the SB20 Class association and its’ president Colin Galavan for organizing an amazing event, including superb sponsors and cool prizes and making everyone feel like home!


More info, results and photos can be found on the dedicated page here created by SB20 Ireland.