United Kingdom

Welcome to the UK page. Here you can find where we are located, how to contact us and the dates/locations of upcoming events. You can also sign up to our newsletter to get the most recent updates!

If you’re new to SB20 racing you can scroll down to see a glimpse of what racing in the SB20 world looks like. From Lake Garda to Cascais to The Solent, the SB20 fleet race in incredible locations.



UK Class Chairman
Adrian Peach

UK Class Secretary

Nicky Ganter 


Solent Representative 

Paul Hine 

E: paul.hine@uwclub.net

Southern Representative

Tom Clay 

T: 0409 105 254

E: tom@tomclay.biz 

Class Treasurer

Nick Elder

E: nick.elder@yahoo.co.uk 

SB20 UK Class. 

Unit 1C, Building 11, Shamrock Quay, 

William Street, 

Southampton, Hampshire, 

SO14 5QL

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