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THE UK EVENTS LIST CAN BE VIEWED AT http://www.sb20.org.uk/events

Welcome to the United Kingdom SB20 page. The UK was the berth place of the SB20 (back in 2002) and racing took place on the Solent. Since then the fleet has spread nationwide and now gone global, however we still have a strong UK fleet, particulary in the Solent.


We currently organise two SB20 Series in the UK, they are


We organise six National and Regional Events

  • UK Open National Championships (a 10 race series spread over three days, the venue changes each year, however is likely to alternate (between Torquay, Solent, Other) over a three year cycle
  • UK Sprint Championships (a one-day stand alone event held the day immediately preceding the Nationals. The event includes up to 6 short course (20 minute) windward/leeward races and a de briefing from an external coach.
  • UK Inland Championships (a weekend event hosted by one of our Inland Clubs on a large reservoir or lake)
  • Southern Area Championships (new in 2018 this is a 2 or 3 day event)
  • Northern Area Championships (new in 2020 this is a weekend event)
  • UK Grand Slam  (Cowes Grand Slam is the first half of Cowes week, details below)


Aside from our National Events, various Clubs organise “SB20 friendly” race series’, some of which count toward the National and/or Solent Series, they include;

  • Frostbite Championships (An early season weekend event with coaching on Saturday and racing on Sunday. Counts towards the Solent Series)
  • Warsash Spring Series (Six Sundays in March and April with up to 3 races per day, the SB20 has its own start)
  • Warsash Spring Championships (Two weekends of racing in April. The Sunday is also part of the Warsash Spring Series. One of the weekends counts towards the Solent Series as well).
  • RORC Vice Admiral’s Cup (An 8-race, 3-day weekend in May, hosted by the Royal Ocean Racing Club. Counts toward the Solent Series).
  • Royal Southern YC Summer Series (5 weekends of racing spread over the May to September season. One of the weekends counts towards the Solent Series as well).
  • Royal Solent Taittinger Regatta (Weekend event held in Yarmouth, Western Solent, counts for Solent Series)
  • One Design Championships (Two weekends of racing in October. One of the weekends counts towards the Solent Series as well).

The Committee are very receptive to new clubs, members and locations. If the SB20 is new to your Club we will give you all the help and advice you want.

Asides from the UK Nationals our biggest annual event is part of the International SB20 Grand Slam Series.


Cowes Week, which takes place at the start of August each year is the world’s biggest yacht regatta. The SB20 has a unique format in that the first four days of Cowes Week (Saturday-Tuesday) are the UK Grand Slam. This is a 11-race series with three races per day (two on the final day, Tuesday).


Sailors who want to, can continue for the rest of Cowes Week (Wednesday-Saturday) with one longer race per day. The Mini Slam has one discard so best three results out of four count. 

Click for details on Cowes SB20 Grand Slam Entry, Berthing and the SB20 Social programme



Over the year we organise a few coaching events. These training days concentrate on racing performance and are for new SB sailors and old hands. 

  • Saturday of the Frostbite Championships (early season)
  • National Sprint Championships
  • Saturday of the Inland Championships (late season)
  • Locally organised weekend events

Check the calendar above for exact dates.


Throughout the season we meet up informally, usually in a pub and usually on an event weekend. You don’t of course have to be at the event to join us, anyone and everyone is welcome! Dates are in the UK Cass Calendar (featured above and link provided below) and discussed on the WhatsApp group (link provided below).


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